Detroit Mack C Pumper 49


Made ByCode 3 Collectibles       Part Number - 12502

Release Date - Unknown

We are proud to welcome the Detroit Fire Department into our family of cities for which we have made models. Instead of just one piece from the Detroit FD we are exploding onto the scene with TWO! For all collectors who have requested an apparatus from this fine city, now is your chance to own two wonderful pieces at once! The Detroit Mack C Pumper (#12502) features realistic light lenses, a detailed water cannon, "weathered" hoses, and the official city seal Collect this item with the Detroit Pierce Rear Mount Ladder (#12917) features working stabilizers, a fully-extending ladder with a rotating platform base, detailed pump panel, a unique ALF light bar, and the official city seal. Detroit Fire Department On June 11, l805, a blaze touched off in a stable by a spark from the pipe of a baker’s helper, roared through the community of wooden buildings, leveling the century-old city of Detroit. The danger of fire was a constant concern for residents. An ordinance required every citizen to have a full water barrel and two buckets ready. An army of volunteer bucket, ax and battering-ram companies evolved as the boundaries of the city expanded. These volunteer fire companies were loosely knit clubs whose members loved to socialize and dress up in smart uniforms. The city provided hand-operated pumping engines but the firemen were responsible for everything else. In 1860, the city fathers hired Detroit’s first paid fire fighters, an engineer, five horsemen, two drivers, and a foreman to operate the first steam fire engine. In 1907, the Detroit FD acquired the first motor fire engine in the world, a Packard. This eventually replaced the fire horses used at the time.

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