Space Marine Sergeant Chronus


Made ByGames Workshop       Part Number - 48-54

Release Date - Unknown

Antaro Chronus is the most gifted of all the Ultramarines tank commanders. While most such warriors dedicate themselves to mastery of a particular vehicle, Chronus’ abilities extend to almost any tank in the armoury of the Adeptus Astartes. Few other commanders can match the precision of his bombardments when at the helm of a Whirlwind or Vindicator. No living man can hope to be as coldly precise when unleashing the baleful weaponry of a mighty Predator. This blister contains two metal models: one Sergeant Chronus tank commander armed with an auspex, and one Sergeant Chronus on foot armed with a bolt pistol and servo-arm. Both a helmed and bare head are supplied and may be fitted to either variant. Chronus on foot supplied with a 25mm round base.

List Price $17.00       Our Price $8.50

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